When Life Seems Like Bad Luck

What do you do when your life is a bad luck streak for years?

Thank you for asking this one in the first place because I’m super excited to answer it.

Bad luck is just the world telling you it isn’t your time yet, but it is not the world telling you that you should stop working. You can suffer for a few years, for many years in fact. You can suffer for 10 years and then live 60 in happiness, you just have to keep going. Look at the bigger picture instead of the one presented to you in this current time.

Your life is going to be a series of moments. Some of these moments may be the best in the world. Some of the going to be so dark you want to push them to the back of your mind.

Life is not sunshine and rainbows and from my experience, the little that I have had in the grand scheme of things, those worse moments have only ever made me appreciate the good in the world.

I have wanted to quit so many times, because of bad luck, working so hard for months and not seeing the light. Then out of nowhere, seeing a glimmer of hope. Sometimes it has been in the smile of another, sometimes it is that breakthrough that someone out there found me and I made their day better, even if my own was not so good.

So what do you do?

You hold onto that faith in yourself, only you know what you want and what is good for you.

You have to remind yourself every single bad day, that just around the corner is going to be a good one. You can’t predict when it is going to happen but it will. Flowers die in the winter, trees turn cold and harsh but in Spring they always return to us. Keep hold of that faith, keep hold to your inner voice and keep hold of everything that makes you happy.

From the sunrise, to a warm cup of tea. The streak has to end and then you will flourish.