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About Us



Emerge Elite first started as a blog of the personal fitness journey of Emily Topping. She'd track her daily macros, workouts and feelings to the general public and after reaching over 1,800 consistent listeners decided to branch out and do a little more.
Then the name Emerge Elite sprung to mind and our motto 'to the next level' something that Emily holds dear to her heart with this company, everything that she does is to help people take that next step regardless of how difficult it may be.
So right here, the newest fitness brand hit the stage. 
One where we see ourselves as different because we are not only supplying top quality apparel to you guys, but we are investing ourselves into your lives and your fitness journeys. Emily stands by the simple motive that you should always want to help people become the best possible versions of themselves.
So become part of the family, and take your life to the next level.