I am not your sob story

I am not your sob story

I don’t think I need to grace anyone a sob story for the simple fact of my success, regardless of whether people regard it as large or small.


I don’t look for their approval; you want to know where I got this work ethic from, my parents. Watching them work so bloody hard to provide me with a good childhood but not only amazing skills to take further into my own life as I grew.


They’ve both told me, drilled into me that no matter what I want and where I want to go, then it is me that decides it. My work ethic, my drive, my passion.


As my dad would say, you get what you want by hard work and dedication.


And honestly, he is 100% completely right, if they hadn’t shown me that you just have to keep going and pushing forward even when you don’t want too, then I wouldn’t be here today. I’d be working some mediocre job that made me feel like crap and I would rush out of the door at the end of a shift.


But I am not, I’ve had a good share of harder times, who the hell doesn’t these days. But I don’t need to gain your respect or admiration by posting it all over here for you to see.


All I can do, want to do is show you my journey, show you that it is possible and allow you into my world so you can feel it too and hopefully, one day you’ll take this one board and not need to listen to me anymore. Honestly, I’m glad if you don’t need to listen to me now, but just like listening to what I have to say.


We live in a world that is hooked on looking after number one, which is an essential thing to do I must admit, but why not help other people whilst you are at it?