Lack in my generation

Lack in my generation

For some reason I think this article is going to hurt some people’s feelings.

But I am going to write it anyway. So after a long conversation with my father I was able to learn that he did a lot of different jobs as he grew up, he lugged pounds of meat for a butchers, worked for the council, was and is a fantastic artist and spent the majority of his career as a firefighter, working through the ranks.

My father has an incredible set of skills, he is pretty much able to take apart, fix and put back motorbikes. It’s something that I cannot say my generation is able to do, I changed my first lightbulb at 18.

I think this is why people who class themselves as entrepreneurs don’t really get what that means, honestly, maybe I don’t get what it means.

To me it is working very hard, every single day, regardless if it is a task you want to do or not, to build something you want. Being an entrepreneur is not about the money that you bring in at the end of the month, it is not a 9–5 kind of job. You lose a lot of the time and win a small potion of the time.

But what worries me is that my generation are unable to do whatever it takes to get whatever they want. Currently I am trying to build a fitness community / apparel company, and in order to do that I am working extra hours at work, doing side jobs as a freelance graphics designer and continuously connecting with people in the industry to fuel this endeavour.

It’s been nearly 3 months and I’ve gained 4 people who are genuinely interested, hours and hours of work and only 4 people. But I don’t see that as failure, I see it as 4 people actually want my stuff and it drives me forward to achieving more and doing more.