A major thing that stops us from becoming who we truly want to be is the perception that other people may have for us. We get too caught up in what other people think of us, and what we are doing.


It is hindering your progression in life; it is restricting you from all of those possibilities that are out there waiting for you.


You may not achieve all of those goals tomorrow, you may fail a few times before it becomes a reality and in those moments people are going to tell you that they warned you that it was not going to work.


The difference is that if you stop when it doesn’t work then that’s it, it is done and finished and of course it’ll never become a reality.


But if you truly desire it, wish for it and dream it, then nothing, not even so called failure can stop you, and it will only fuel you. You’ll keep your eyes on that vision that you had and keep moving towards it, even if it is only an inch.


People only care about your stories when they work, until then it is just considered a dream, a far fetched idea you came up with.


So keep working towards it, let those people have their doubts, let the judge and try to knock you backwards.


Use it for motivation.


Then one day you can turn around when that so called ‘stupid idea’ or ‘out of reach ambition of yours’ becomes a reality, then sit there and be humble with it. Simple state that you should have never been doubted, their faith in you should have not wandered but I don’t think by this point those people would be in your life.