Technology - Good or Bad?

Technology - Good or Bad?

As much as I love technology, as much as I love how I can interact and connect with people over a simple device. There is an underlying misconception with this amazing tool that we forget.


Physical interaction, physically being in someone’s company, speaking to them. Watching the way that someone speaks to see if it is affecting them positivity or negatively. We all hate hard conversations, I’ve never enjoyed walking into a situation that I know isn’t going to end well but you have to do it.


Most of it is down to respect, it is easier these days to pick up a phone and tell your friend that this person is a bad influence or whatever comes to your mind instead of actually standing in front of them and confronting them about it.


A lot of people hide behind their phones and that is why anyone who is out there trying to be ‘somebody’ whether you are trying to influence people or motivate or educate if that is not 100% what you really want to put on the table for people to pull apart and criticize, then it is never going to work.


You can be anyone behind the screen but one day you have to bring it into reality, and truly bring it into your world and people will find out whether you are real or not. I’ve been told I am too honest, and I open up my vulnerabilities for the world to see but that is me.


I wear my heart on my sleeve, as my dad likes to tell me.


But everybody knows that when I interact with people, invest in people, you are 100% getting the real me. I’ve tried to be the cool kid and I’m simply not. I’ve embraced my awkward and slightly odd ways and honestly I am attracting the audience that I want to have.


Don’t hide behind the phone, I fully understand people use it as an escape but if you want to attract an audience then you have to embrace who you are and what you want to bring to the table, and get ready for people to hate it as much as others love it.