The good and bad

The good and bad

There is so much the world has to offer you, but you need to be willing to show up for it. Put yourself on the line and risk getting hurt for it, it’s amazing that we do not hear many stories of happy easy lives where people learnt a lot about themselves. Instead we hear the tougher moments that they have been subject too, which instil the greatest growth in people.


You have to take the good with the bad, there are people and situations in this world that you are going to love or want and they will hurt you. There are going to be times where you feel distrust in someone who means so much to you. You are going to hurt in ways that may result in you wanting to crawl into a hole and hide but I plead you to not.


This is your life, your challenges and obstacles are your own and with that you have the responsibility to overcome them. To battle through those moments and come out the other side, people will doubt you, open yourself up to that fact, don’t let it hinder you.


Reach out to those who fuel you, don’t be afraid of this world as everything we experience is just a lesson of life. Please know your own self worth and walk away from things that do not give you a greater purpose, don’t wallow in self pity because something didn’t go the way you wanted it.


You cannot control the world, you cannot control that person telling you to quit, but you control yourself and your life. So do it, today. Stop waiting.