Life would be easier if I was lazy.

Life would be easier if I was lazy.

The title pretty much gives it all away. Life would be so much easier if I was content, and lazy with life. I could continue my normal job, earn a decent wage and an average life.

But would you actually be happy with that? I mean I know a lot of people who have had a pretty ‘normal’ lifestyle, they went to school, college and university. They got their degree and got a decent job working up through the ranks in marketing, sales, teaching and are happy with that.

Personally I have never been like that, I chose a field which was hard work anyway (equestrian) and worked incredibly hard and have reaped the rewards, travelling the world working with some of the most incredible people, training with some absolute amazing trainers and then being able to become anyone I wanted to be.

In addition to this, I also took opportunities to me as they came, someone offered me $60 to clean their apartment as they were moving out (I was living in America at the time) I completely the task, actually got a little more because I was efficient, and spent afternoons fixing field fences and shelters earning $5 per hour. After a while I was able to go to New York and have the best time, with the extra money in my pocket I actually paid off my flight tickets and gave myself a little extra spending money whilst I was over there.

So if I had been content, lazy if you will. I would have been $1,000 down from flights and travelling and only living from a very small paychecks from teaching children how to horse ride. I never had that problem, my spare time was used gaining new skills and learning new passions. My dreams and aspirations were made in those times, when I was so passionate about taking it all in that I would do anything to gain more knowledge, fix that fence for an extra lesson with a top class trainer, okay then hand me a hammer!

Don’t be lazy, people who have a burning passion to continue fulfilling themselves are so dangerous, but incredibly inspiring.