What do you think of the fitness industry?

What do you think of the fitness industry?


I got asked this a lot when I was trying to begin my own personal fitness journey. When Emerge Elite was just a dream far away, people came up to me when I first started going to the gym and asked my opinion on it.


You know what I used to say?

“The men seem to stick to the weight room and try and stay big and the women stick to the treadmill to try and stay small. I think the fitness industry needs to change.”


I am one of those women who loved to feel strong, who thrived on picking up that weight that someone thought I couldn’t. To not shy away from the weight room but to be in there amongst the men and other women and feel good about it!


In all truth though, the fitness industry is so vast that with my little knowledge in the field of course my opinion was going to be based on what intelligence I already possessed.


That was in 2012.


Now 5 years from that, I have not only varied my weight and abilities, I have also become more in tune to what the fitness industry really means. Or at least what it means to me.


It’s a community.


I’ve found as I’ve grown (muscular as well as in mindfulness) that I have had the amazing opportunities to meet some of the most incredible people, and all with similar goals. One man I met wanted to be best physique model in England, another woman is set on being a world record holder for powerlifting. But it all goes down to people wanted to be fitter, healthier and stronger than they were before.


Emerge Elite simply started as a way for people to communicate with each other, a consistent blog per say, where I’d gather information and speak to other people about my findings. But it never really went anywhere.


I’ve also been quite handy with a camera, photoshop and anything graphics related. I was born into a very creative family and after a little push by people who meant a lot to me, Emerge Elite starting becoming a brand. With this I need to make it official, so here we are.


Emerge Elite is a fitness based community; it is also going to have a line of it’s own apparel, hopefully more consistent blogging, podcasts and filming. We pride ourselves on learning more and more about the industry every day and helping each and every person from gym veterans to gym newbies in achieving their goals.